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How Can You Help Your Child Prepare For The SBAC Test?

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Is your child prepared for the SBAC testing?

First, what even is the SBAC test? The Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test is a standardized test given to students in grades 3rd through 8th and 11th in the United States. This test assesses students performance in English language arts and mathematics. The goal of this test is to measure student progress and inform instructions. Understanding the importance of the SBAC test and how to help children prepare for it is essential for all parents. 


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Do you Understand the Format?

Understanding the format is the first part to preparing for the SBAC test. This test is given online and both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions are used. There are two main sections of the test: English language arts and mathematics. Within the two main sections are two more parts: a computer-adaptive test (CAT) and a performance task (PT). In the CAT portion you will see test that adapts to the students level of proficiency, while the PT part you will notice more open-ended and hands-on task that requires students to apple their knowledge and skills in the real world. 

What Can You Do to Help them Prepare?

The day of the test to help your child prepare you can make sure they have a healthy breakfast. Being well-rested and a healthy breakfast helps students become alert and focused for their test. While parents can help their child prepare at home, a tutor can provide additional support and guidance. Tutors help students understand the material and break it down into manageable chunks, providing new strategies for understanding it. Tutors also provide, an objective perspective and can help identify areas that your child needs to work on. Tutors can help build a child's confidence and reduce test-taking anxiety. 

tutor and student studying lessons togetherThe SBAC test is an important measure of student performance in English language arts and mathematics. Parents all want to help prepare their child for all that life throws at them, and by providing them with a tutor to take the necessary steps to prepare for the SBAC can help reduce stress and anxiety, breakdown the material in tangible goals, and build test-taking confidence. 

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