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5 Tips to Picking the Right Tutor

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Picking a tutor can at times be a stressful time in a parent or guardian's life. Many factors can make you think of tutoring as a resource for your child. We wanted to go through some pointers that have proven successful for us when picking the right tutor for your child.
Pick The Right Tutor

  1. You know your child best

When talking to a tutoring company or a private individual, make sure to be honest and forthcoming. If your child’s backpack is always cluttered and messy, let the tutor know. Organization leads to positive study skills. If homework is taking way too long and ending in disappointment, your tutor can help ease the burden. If your child tends to get off track easily, let your tutor know. There are strategies that can be implemented to keep the lesson as focused as possible.

  1. Talk to your child’s teacher

Whether your child is in Elementary school with one teacher all day long, or in a secondary environment with many teachers, it is vital to keep an open line of communication with the teachers. They know if your child is having a bad day, and can provide timely insights into areas of improvement.

  1. What are you expecting as an outcome from the tutoring?

Whether it is homework help or providing enrichment for your child, it is important for you to identify what exactly is being worked on and when you expect to see results. False expectations and unfulfilled promises lead to disappointments.

My Child Needs a Tutor

  1. Is the tutor highly qualified?

In today’s day and age, it is irresponsible to invite someone into your home and work with your child without checking their credentials. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing allows for any person to look up an educator using their first and last name. While Private Schools might not require credentialing for their teachers, all Public School teachers must have a valid teaching credential to teach in California. If you are hiring an agency, check websites such as Yelp for reviews. Make sure to do your due diligence with background checks. Reputable companies should be able to provide you with LiveScan documentation for their tutors.

  1. Structure and Routine

Rome was not built in a day, and education is more complex than a city. Tutors and students need to develop a dynamic where trust is earned and students are held accountable. As a BEST practice, we encourage students to meet with their tutors weekly. It is very easy to fall behind in a class and challenging to catch up.
Roman Slavinsky is the Director of Student Success at  A+ Tutoring Inc in Los Angeles, CA. A+ provide high quality 1-on-1 In-Home Tutoring by Credentialed Teachers and graduate professionals. Our caring teachers help students in all subjects with pinpoint academic support and accountability measures. For more information on the services we provide contact us by phone (818) 850-6284