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Unlocking Homework Success and Beyond

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As a parent, it is natural to want your child to succeed in school. There are times though your child may need extra support to keep up with the studies and workloads. One of the most common reasons our families have reached out to us is because of the frustration they have felt trying to help their child do homework. The time we spend with our families should not be spent arguing, stressing and become upset over the homework your children bring home. Often, homework time is hard for several different reason, but in most houses the main problem is that the child is struggling to understand the material. To get ahead of this, below are a few tips to help families become aware their child may be struggling with their course work, before it disrupt important family time. 

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"The time we spend with our families should not be spent arguing, stressing and coming upset over the homework your children bring home."

Have you noticed these signs?

student struggling with her homework1. Consistently struggling with the same subjects: If your child is struggling with the same subject all year or even every year, it may be a sign they need extra help. Extra help that can provide targeted structured support can help a child master the material. Often when there is a continuation of struggling on the same subject, more time is needed on that specific subject material. 

2. Difficulty staying focused: If your child has a hard time staying focused while doing homework this could be sign that they would benefit from extra support in studying skills and and managing skills. 

3. Falling behind on assignments: Consistently falling behind on homework assignments and projects is a sign they may not be understanding the material or need help developing a plan to manage the workload.  

4. Low grades: If your child has a lower grade than you expect, especially if it is happening consistently, they may need help identifying their weaknesses and where to focus more attention to understand and retain their material.

5. Difficulty with organization: If your child can never find their homework or can't keep track of their material notes, this may be a sign they need help building their organizational skills and techniques, leading to better study habits. 

6. Difficulty with test or exam preparations: Does your child struggle to start the steps to prepare for test, are they stressed or anxious? Extra help may be what they are looking for. Developing strategies for studying and taking exams can be daunting when you don't know where to even start. 

7. Lack of interest in homework: Some students just don't understand the purpose of homework. This could be a sign that they need someone to help make it interesting and fun.

If you notice one of these signs while your child is doing homework, one of the best recommendations is to reach out to a tutor. A tutor is a great resource for parents, they have have specialized knowledge in subject areas, and know which skills are helpful to teach students who need better study habits, build confidence, organizing their work, and also making learning fun. If you are noticing these sings from your child, do not hesitate to give us a call. Here at A+ Tutoring we are here to help each student reach their academic goals and build their confidence in learning.