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Finals Week: 3 ways to Ace your finals

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It's hard to believe that the COVID-19 pandemic started 14 months ago, and now the end of the school year is fast approaching. Our kids are finally getting back to in-person learning and it is time to make sure that the school year ends on a positive note. Every year towards the end of the semester we get frantic calls from parents looking for help to improve a grade from a B to an A or a C to a B a few days or a week before an examination. tired student

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I wanted to share a few tips that we have learned over the years when dealing with finals and avoiding procrastination. 

  1. Finals schedules are released ahead of time. Identify those dates with your child
    • Using a calendar tool such as Google Calendar or iCloud Calendar to mark the exam dates gives your child a better sense of time management.
    • Ask your child to predict how much studying they will need to do, and ask them to put in those study days into the calendar.

  2. Typically, study guide or review documents are provided in advance. Review them early so you can ask meaningful questions and clarify misconceptions.
    • Run off a few copies of the study guide. Students tend to scribble on things or misplace them.
    • It's always encouraged to go over practice problems more than once.
  3. End of year tests for the most part focus at least 50% on material that was taught in the last 60 days. How did your child do on the last test or quiz?
    • Review the last 3 graded assignments that your child had in the class.
    • If the results on the last 3 tests are lower than the grade percentage in class, that is a red flag.
    • Create a plan on how to catch up on old material, while also mastering the new content

If you notice your child is overwhelmed, or could use a helping hand, reach out to us at A+ Tutoring, so that we can get started on the way to acing that final!

By planning early and anticipating challenges your child will become better with organizational and study skills, along with a sense of accountability. 

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