Case Study #25 - Math and two languages from 2nd to 6th grade

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Molly Wilson is a dedicated 6th grade student, who started tutoring when she was in 2nd grade. She attended a dual immersion Spanish school, and while her Spanish skills were solid, she struggled quite a bit with English. Her family decided to start her with a tutor, to help learn the fundamentals of both languages.

Plan of Action:

At the beginning of her lessons, her family primarily were looking for language help. Molly worked diligently with her tutor throughout her elementary years, and developed a love for writing and storytelling in both languages. When she reached middle school, the focus of lessons switched to mostly math. Her tutor helped her with homework, as well as understanding the corresponding topics. Molly is a quick and focused learner, though her tutor noticed that she would sometimes struggle with retaining concepts that she hadn’t practiced enough.

Case Study #25


Molly has continued her tutoring through 6th grade. She has had great success in her lessons, and they have given her the space to ask questions and practice difficult material as much as she needs. Whenever she gets confused, her tutor is able to effectively explain the material, and she is always excited when a new concept clicks for her. And her tutor has placed emphasis on extra practice, which has greatly improved her general retention of new material.

Get Started Now!


Going forward, Molly plans to continue her math tutoring. It has been a pleasure to work with Molly over the years and see just how much she has improved in multiple subjects. Her excitement in learning has made her an engaged and bright student, and will certainly continue to do so. We look forward to seeing how her knowledge will grow more and more in the future!



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