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Case Study #10 - Getting ready for private high school

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Michelle Berry was in 7th grade when she began preparing for the ISEE test. She would be taking the upper level test in order to apply for private school entry. She was a great student, and very eager to learn, but her parents recognized that she needed some extra support for this preparation, which was so separate from the rest of Michelle’s schoolwork.

Plan of Action:

Michelle’s tutor saw right away that she was a bright and quick learner, and she responded well to corrections. By far, her biggest struggle was not taking her time with her work. She would try to speed through questions, resulting in wrong answers that she would have gotten correct if she had slowed down. She also needed support in general test taking tips, as well as those specific to the ISEE test.



Months of tutoring later, and Michelle has greatly improved! She’s picked up on many new concepts in math and ELA, and learned more about how to logically work her way through questions she doesn’t understand. Her ability to pick up on concepts quickly has helped her, as well as her general eagerness to learn.

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Michelle does sometimes still struggle with moving too fast, though this has definitely improved over time. Her tutor has been teaching her how to effectively slow herself down, and will continue to help her develop those skills. Given how quickly she picks up on different concepts, her struggles with slowing down make perfect sense. But over time, her ability to pace herself will continue to improve, and her test scores will reflect it!