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Case Study #15 - Raising math grades in sophomore year

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Grace Howell began tutoring halfway through her first semester of 10th grade. She was particularly struggling in Algebra, with her grades at a consistent D level. Her confidence was low, and she worked at a relatively slow pace. Her family knew that she would benefit from help outside of her online classes. So she started tutoring regularly, with the primary goal of improving her grades.

Plan of Action:

From the beginning of her tutoring, Grace’s family and her tutor stayed in regular communication. During one of their first lessons, Grace’s family sat in for a bit, going over their hopes and goals for Grace’s progress. The tutor was able to coordinate with them, and share the plan of action for Grace’s improvement. This entailed going over quiz results to address wrong answers, completing practice exercises and quizzes from the class’s textbook, and going over upcoming topics.

Case Study #15


Following this lesson plan allowed Grace to fully address past, present, and future topics in her class. Her tutor helped her pinpoint where she had gone wrong on previous quizzes, guided her through current work, and gave her a foundation of knowledge about topics that were coming up soon in class. This gave her an idea of what to expect, so that she wasn’t as thrown off by new material in class. And her self-confidence in class has increased as a result.

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After around two months of tutoring, her Algebra 2 grade has gone up to a C. While she still has a ways to go, she is showing clear progress. Her tutor continues to help her, giving her the opportunity to improve on her earlier work in the class. And with Grace continuing to be diligent in her lessons, her grades will only continue to rise throughout the rest of the school year!