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Case Study of Leah

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The Story of Leah 

A busy homeschooling mother of a middle schooler who turned to A+ Tutoring for assistance with her daughter's math education and confidence. Leah is part of an independent study homeschool program, where she is responsible for teaching and helping her daughter get through the curriculum. Through our tutoring services, we were able to:

This case study will explore the impact of A+ Tutoring on Leah and her daughter's educational journey as an independent study homeschool family, and the valuable resources we provide for parents who are responsible for their children's education.

Leah talking about her experience with A+

The Challenge Leah Faced

As professional educators, we understand the challenges that Leah faced as a homeschooling parent. Leah noted that math for her daughter was becoming more difficult for her to understand and teach, particularly as the curriculum progressed and became more complex.

Leah knew that she was not the right person to be her daughter's math teacher.

This is a common challenge for parents who are homeschooling and not formally trained in the subject matter. Additionally, as a homeschooling parent, Leah may have also faced challenges with finding the right resources and support to effectively teach her daughter.

However, Leah was able to overcome these challenges through the support of A+ Tutoring. By connecting with April, an experienced math tutor, Leah and her daughter where able to:

      1. Receive the guidance and resources they needed to conquer the math curriculum.
      2. Made math more engaging and fun.
      3. Helped Leah to support her daughter's learning.

Overall, Leah's experience highlights the importance of support and resources for homeschooling families. A+ Tutoring is a vendor with many Charter schools and actively serves as an invaluable tool for parents like Leah, who feel responsible for their children's education, but may not have formal training in the subject matter.

Why we think Leah Chose A+ Tutoring

As a homeschooling parent, Leah selected A+ Tutoring because she was in need of a reliable and reputable tutoring company that could provide her with the support and resources she needed to effectively teach her daughter math. Her daughter's math education was becoming more challenging for her to understand and teach, and she was in search of a solution to help her succeed in her studies. Leah came across A+ Tutoring and was :

      1. Impressed by their reputation as a leading provider of tutoring services.
      2. They had a wide range of services, in Math and English Language Arts while supporting parents in their role as educators.
      3. The A+ Team was fast in matching with April and putting things in action quickly.
      4. She Instantly saw how resourceful their tutor was to adapting to her daughter's.needs.

Leah also appreciated the flexibility of A+ Tutoring as they were able to cater to her schedule as a homeschooling parent, and provided a personalized approach to tutoring that was tailored to her daughter's specific needs. 

How A+ Tutoring Responded

Based on the lesson notes provided, it is clear that A+ Tutoring has effectively responded to Leah's needs by providing her daughter with personalized and targeted instruction. A+ Tutoring:

      • Began working on the Pythagorean theorem, providing her with increasingly challenging examples so that she can work on solving equations, squares, and square roots.
      • Monitors her progress and adjusts the curriculum accordingly, continuing to work on the same material for a few more weeks until she is more comfortable with the work.
      • Worked with her on writing and solving single variable equations, focusing on helping her understand how to set up problems and connecting equations to the real world.
      • Preparing her for end of book test by working on finding greatest common factor/least common multiple and working with fractions.
      • Continuously monitoring Lyla's progress and adjusting the curriculum accordingly to ensure that she is making progress and understanding the material.

They are monitoring her progress and adjusting the curriculum accordingly to ensure that she is making progress and understanding the material.

The Results

Leah and her daughter have A+ Tutoring acting as a guide on a journey of math education. Leah's daughter has gained a deeper understanding of the subject matter, improved her ability to set up problems and connect equations to the real world and has been better prepared for her tests, like a climber reaching the top of a mountain with the help of a guide. Leah has likely seen an improvement in her daughter's understanding and ability in math, as well as an increase in her daughter's confidence and overall approach to school. 

What you can do

Getting a private tutor with A+ Tutoring is a great way to give your child the individualized attention and support they need to succeed. With an A+ Tutor, your child can work at their own pace, focus on their specific areas of need, and receive immediate feedback and guidance.

One of the major benefits of private tutoring is that it allows students to work one-on-one with an expert in the subject matter. This means that students are able to receive personalized instruction and attention that is tailored to their specific learning style and needs. Our A+ Tutors are energetic, enthusiastic, and love working with kids. 

We encourage parents to reach out to A+ Tutoring for a free free consultation and access resources to discuss your child's needs and how we can help them achieve their goals. With a private tutor, your child can receive the support they need to excel in their studies and reach their full potential. Don't hesitate to contact us today!

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