Case Study #26 - Learning math in 8th grade

Clever young woman solving a mathematical problem standing with her back to the camera writing on a college blackboard

Emma Wheeler began tutoring when she was in 6th grade, and has continued all the way through 8th grade. Before her lessons started, she was particularly struggling with math and English. Early in her 6th grade year, her family set her up for tutoring lessons, to help build on her knowledge in those subjects.

Plan of Action:

Emma’s tutoring initially consisted of alternating math and English lessons, depending on what she needed more help with each week. Having someone to guide her while working made a noticeable difference right off the bat. She soon proved herself to be a strong critical thinker, able to work through problems quickly and efficiently. The framework of tutoring helped those qualities shine through. Her writing skills developed especially quickly, though she continued to have some difficulties with math, particularly when it came to thinking abstractly.

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By the start of 8th grade, Emma’s lessons focused almost exclusively on math, as the concepts she was learning in class became more and more complex. Her tutor has helped her work through the concepts that trip her up the most, especially negative and positive variables in algebra. Emma has a tendency to rush through her work, so her tutor has helped her learn to pace herself, to make fewer avoidable mistakes.

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Emma’s skills have developed impressively over her few years of tutoring. She has continuously proven herself to be a very bright student, and we are so proud of her consistent progress! She plans to continue tutoring into high school, still putting most of her focus on math during her lessons. And having that reliable framework of tutoring will ensure that she continues to thrive in any math class she may take in the future.



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